Clucking Over it

It was never my intention to become an advocate and a first-class-whiner for Invisible Chronic Illness, but I’m freaking over it. I’ve been invisible and stuck at home now, for a year and a half – I’d say climbing the walls but the truth is that just sounds exhausting.

No, I’ve been here at home researching and soul searching for the meaning in it all, darkest before the dawn and all that shit, but there are times after weeks of relentless crappiness where I come crashing down and I just want to yell out (and in fact do yell out), “FAAAAAAAARRRRKKK!!!!!!”

Up until now, I’ve only really been able to offend the ears of one flatmate and four cats. But it recently occurred to me that I could be banging on about it to literally thousands of people on the internet. Why should I suffer in silence I ask you?? No more. Sick Chicken has a voice. She will be loudly clucking on about her plight until such time as she gets better or she gets the axe. Long live Sick Chicken!!


3 thoughts on “Clucking Over it

  1. This worked for ME / CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME (Personal Experience for myself and a friend who was hospitalised with it). Google CFS/ME Cod Liver Oil.
    COD LIVER OIL Capsule & Vitamin C Tablet (or Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil
    in Orange Syrup with added Vitamin C available through Amazon
    – teaspoon every 6 to 8 hours for 2 months)
    1,000 mg capsule every eight hours for two months (person 120 kg)
    or 500 mg every six hours for two months(person 80 kg)
    or 500 mg every eight hours for two months (person 60 kg).
    You should start to feel better in about ten days to three weeks
    but to make sure you are cured keep going for two months.
    Do not go by the guidelines on the packet.
    It has to be a capsule every six to eight hours – (I know).
    Trick is to have a container of capsules in your pocket if you are going out
    or once you recover enough to get mobile.


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